Turning the tide on plastic waste

Converting plastic waste back to it's original form


8,300,000,000 tons of plastic waste accumilated worldwide

Since it’s invention in the 1950’s, plastic waste has been manufactured, accumulated and sent to landfills, with only a fracture of it being effectively recycled. The hazards effects on land and ocean ecosystems, and in turn on human health present a huge problem and challenge for humanity to solve.


We at Plastic Back are creating value in waste and are working towards reducing landfills, ocean dumping and burn sites in an economic and environmental-friendly manner.



Converting plastic waste back to it’s original, valuable form

Our innovative technology, based on chemical oxidation, is used to attack the plastic polymer and break it down to oils, waxes, and other valuable chemicals. The process is done in a closed conversion unit which requires no heating and a small physical space – compatible to big treatment facilities and medium/small decentralized waste producing operations.

Room temperature

No heating required – economic and environmental advantages to alternatives (600-1,200 C) 

Small conversion units

Requiring small physical space (5x5m) 

All plastic types

HDPE, LDPE, PP,PVC,PET, PEG, mixed and contaminated 


Industries & opportunities


Treatment, landfill and recycling operations

Global trends, regulation and legislations along with environmental awareness are pushing towards reducing landfill and increasing recycling. The EU pledged to reduce landfilling to 10% of it's current capacity by 2030. Our technology can help you, the waste handlers, by treating specific waste streams and creating profit as an alternative to landfill.


Agriculture, factories, hospitals & medical devices 

Waste manufacturers vary in size and are decentralized. Removal and treatment fees for plastic waste can reach $600/ton and are projected to increase in the coming years.


Now-day consumers often demand eco-friendly products and process from their suppliers and chosen brands. Our solution allows waste manufacturers the ability to treat their waste on site/close by, save expenses on removal and treatment fees and even create profits from their plastic waste.




Carbon Neutral Competition 

By HP and the Good Energy Initiative

Plastic Back was chosen for it's potential to substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Calculations show that a 15 ton/day conversion unit will save 2,800 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Runner up!

New Energy Challenge

By Shell, Rockstart, Get In The Ring and YES!DELFT

Out of over 200 companies and 10 days of validation in Amsterdam, Plastic Back was chosen as runner up and will collaborate with Shell in a project designed to validate Plastic Back's plastic-derived-oil for refinery integration.


Green Innovations: From Linear to Circular

By Tadmor Levy and Co.

As part of the Environment 2050 Conference in Tel Aviv, and judged by industry leaders, Plastic Back was chosen for it's ability to help the push towards a circular economy.

Acceleration Program

Plug and Play and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Plastic back has been accepted to the prestigious program and will collaborate with the alliance partners throughout 2020. Working with world leaders in the plastic handling, manufacturing and recycling industry.


Plastic Back is an Israeli based startup, working in collaboration with our partners: 

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